NAS Migration

As the business grows, the need for a more scalable, more enterprise NAS requirements grows as well. The thought of moving the thousands of files from the obsoleted NAS system to the new NAS systems is often daunting. Questions like “Do I copy and paste?“, “How long will it take?“, “Can my users still access the files during the file migration?“, “What if some of my files are missing?” are very common.

At Katana Logic, we work with our customers to consider several key factors of NAS files migration, all to give them a peace of mind.

  • Migration Capacity and Network Throughput – To give the customer an estimated ETA to complete the file migration
  • Access Control and Permission – To ensure that the files and folders access and their respective permissions are preserved
  • Concurrent Access – To provide transparent access to files and folder while they are being migrated to the new system
  • Security – To ensure that the delivery to the new NAS system are secured

We offer 2 options for NAS migration

We strongly recommend DataDobi DobiMigrate® for large scale NAS migration.



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