Hyperconverged Data Protection

There is so much more with backed up data besides just restoration and archiving. Organizations going through Digital Transformation can modernize their data protection ecosystems with the next generation platform of hyperconvergence of secondary dataCohesity.

Cohesity strengths are:

  • Backup and Restore Data on-premises and in the cloud – A true hybrid cloud technology with the DNA of Google File System
  • File shares with NAS and Object Storage
  • DevOps with integration simplicity and operational Ease of Use
  • Data Analytics on secondary data for many Use Cases such as legal, governance, File Analytics, Ransomware Detection

Learn more to know more of how Cohesity solves the data fragmentation challenge and redefines Data Management. And have a chat with us at Katana Logic, the official Cohesity Reseller in Malaysia.

Latest Cohesity news:

Cohesity bets on cloud approach for its data management service