Network Attached Storage (NAS)

NAS or Network Attached Storage has been the workhorse of many organizations. Providing services for 3D/VFx and CG (Computer Graphics), to Oil & Gas Repository Files and Folders, and even to MIS User Home Directories, NAS delivers Files and Folders for sharing and collaboration in the network. The requirements of NAS has grown beyond typical needs with organizations demanding larger capacity scaling (into TBs and PBs) and high throughput performance (up to GB/sec). As the business grows, this is accompanied with advanced enterprise requirements such as secure file protection and disaster recovery for fast ransomware recovery and continuous data and file services.

Katana Logic is deeply focused and highly specialized in NAS technology solutions. We provide choices of 2 of the best NAS solutions in the industry – iXsystems™ and NetApp™. In our team, we have seasoned and certified consultants on NetApp™ and Sun Microsystems®, both technology giants in NAS.

We are the official iXsystems™ reseller in Malaysia and we work closely with iXsystems™ to give our customers the best NAS technology solution in the market today. We are also a Silver Partner of NetApp™ to deliver scale-out NAS systems. Both NAS technology platforms offer unprecedented reliability, scalability and performance at different price points, where our customers have a choice of NAS platforms to decide.

You are welcomed to talk to us for your NAS requirements and let us help you deliver the best NAS solution for your needs!