Hybrid Cloud File Sharing

Accessing your files from any where has become a critical part of any organization. Shared files and folders from NAS storage can be democratized to be accessible outside the company’s network, and these files can be synced to be made available from the cloud.

We have engineered and crafted the most flexible hybrid cloud file sharing solution any way you want, securely, seamlessly and most important of all, adds value to how you want to work. Through our expertise, we can

    • Access your synced internal NAS files and folders from Wasabi Cloud (no egress fees), Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, pCloud, Dropbox, and more with the Cloud Sync technology of FreeNAS™/TrueNAS®
    • Create your own private cloud file sharing and storage, and share it externally to your staff with Nextcloud integration any NAS storage
    • Work on your own creative media content and broadcast assets integration with iconik hybrid cloud media management, sharing files and folders between NAS and Wasabi Cloud simultaneously

Have a chat with us and find out how we can help you develop your hybrid cloud file sharing strategy for your business.