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DATA is at the heart of Katana Logic's technology solutions and services, and that philosophy is in conceptualized within the Katana Logic Data Services Platform (DSP).

Katana Logic DSP starts with the Data Lifecycle. The lifecycle begins with the acqusition and creation of the data sources. As the data evolved both internally and externally in the organization, it is used, shared, duplicated, protected, replicated and archived. And today the lifecycle of the data can be within on-premise, hosted in a datacenter and in cloud service providers. Therefore, it is crucial to bridge and transition data across different locations, different data platforms and data groups as seamless as possible. The integration of disparate technology platforms must be painless to reduce data silos.

The DSP is a architecture framework for technology to work together, and it is formed with 8 data integration points of the data lifecycle of any organization. These 8 points are:


These 8 points (A.P.P.A.R.M.S.C.) are part of Katana Logic's own intellectual property, and together with the enterprise experience of the Katana Logic's team, Katana Logic is truly a unique data solutions and services integrator for our customers.

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Katana Logic Sdn Bhd’s mission is to achieve total satisfaction in our technology solutions and services with our customers. We embrace our technology alliances and customers as our partners both in business and in the society.

We intend to achieve this mission by sharing our philosophy and our practical approach, seeing ourselves as the universal problem solver. Through honest and open conversations with our technology alliances and our customers, we listen intently to achieve parity of the true requirements. Only when parity is achieved, the strength of the solution sticks.


In the Yin and Yang universe, change is the only constant. Within that universe, there are polarities; there are contrasting opposities; there is a black, there is a white.

Katana Logic views the participants of the business ecosystem like the Yin and Yang universe and there are 4 potent elements within that ecosystem. These 4 elements are Customers, Technology Alliances, Employees and the Society.

Each of these 4 elements plays a part, contributing varying degrees and levels of the ubiquitous flow of energies and forces respectively. Katana Logic aims to be the unifying force to these 4 elements with the promise to deliver total satisfaction in our solutions and services, as a committed partner to these 4 elements.

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We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on.

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